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Current Programs

​Now accepting new Health Coaching clients
  • Individual plans available
  • Group/Corporate plans available

Teen/Adult yoga classes   

  • By appointment only - private lessons tailored to your needs (*may invite 3 others to join your group and split the cost of the lesson.  However, total amount is due, even if some members of group do not show for class).  

Children's Yoga (teacher - Ashleigh - see Teachers link to learn more about her!)

Group One - 4 week series = 
  • Who: Ages 4-6 yrs. old
  • When: Tuesday, May 1st, meeting once per week through Tuesday, May 22nd
  • Time: 4:15 - 5:30pm
  • Where: 7027 Hughes Ave. Crestwood (studio entrance in back)
  • Investment: $40 (must pre-register)

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Group Two - 4 week series = 
  • Who: Ages 7-10 yrs. old
  • When: Wednesday, May 2nd, meeting once per week through Wednesday, May 23rd
  • Time: 4:15pm - 5:30pm
  • Where: 7027 Hughes Ave. Crestwood (studio entrance in back)
  • Investment: $40 (must pre-register)

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Special Events/Workshops

At A Glance: 

Soul Healing Chakra Rebalance Intro Program: this 7 day intro to healing on every level of our being begins Monday, April 2nd.  Each day we will cover one of the seven main chakras running through the body,  utilize a self-care practice, receive recipes utilizing foods for that particular chakra which we are focusing on, learning information surrounding the foods we are working with to understand their connection to the body and mind, and how we can work with the food to increase our healing.  *Following completion of this 7 day program there will be a more in-depth 7 week program available (those competing the 7 day will receive a discount for the 7 week program).  You will need a blender, food processor, and juicer (if you don't have a juicer you will be given a tip to make juice using the blender).  

Mini Online Wellness Workshops  - two programs currently being offered = Healing Adrenal Fatigue or Next Level Detox (See services tab to sign up).  

New Private Certified Yoga Teacher Training Program- This new program will allow for you to take the classes utilizing a two part system (partially in person, partially online), making it easier to take that next step in your health & wellness journey.  See Teacher Training tab to the left for complete details. 

Children's PJ Yoga Classes - PJ yoga classes are one-time classes that offer a fun learning experience for the child, while providing 2 hours of time for the parent(s) or guardians to enjoy.  There are currently 2 classes coming up, one for ages 4-6 yrs. and another for ages 7-10 yrs.  
  • Children come in their PJ's for gentle stretching, yoga poses and relaxation, followed by a story and special treat 
  • Investment = $15 per child, must pre-register to attend. *Please let us know of any allergies prior to the class (limited supply of mats available to borrow)

To register for ages 4-6
  • Registration closed - next class TBD

To register for ages 7-10
  • Registration closed - next class TBD
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