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Committed to Helping Others Through Compassionate Connections
Adult and adolescent yoga:
  • 1 hour.  All levels of postures are used depending on the experience of the class. This is a move at your own pace practice which promotes positive energy.    
  • Hatha Yoga:  Poses are held for several breaths, the breath is used with the poses.  This style of yoga builds muscle, strength, stamina, balance, coordination and much more.   
  • Yin Yoga:  A very restorative style of yoga.  Poses are held for several minutes while relaxing the muscles.  This allows the ligaments to lengthen and create space between the joints.  This is an extremely slow moving practice to avoid injury.  You will feel relaxed and peaceful by the end of class!
  • Vinyasa Flow: is a continuous moving class consisting of various postures. We do not follow a set number of poses, which allows each class to be different and unique. The breath and postures are linked to create flowing movements.
  • Hatha Mix:  This class incorporates a little from each of the three classes described above. 

Three options currently available: 
  • Pop Up Yoga Class - occurs...whenever!  Check the schedule, or follow us on FaceBook to stay up-to-date.  
  • Special Event Classes - one time workshops or classes held at various studios.  
  • Private individual and/or group classes available only (*contact via email for availability and to be invoiced)
Health Coaching Program/Food & Nutrition Workshops *(Check Specials Tab Too!)
Health Coaching: Backed by studies showing it takes weeks of re-training the body and mind in adjustments to create new healthier habits that become life-long skills. During the time in the Health Coaching Program, a Certified Health Coach and client will meet twice a month to create a plan based on the client's goals so he/she can be on his/her way to creating balance physically, mentally and emotionally. In addition, the client may receive bonus material such as, books, DVD's and/or handouts. All information discussed between the client and coach is kept in the strictest of confidence so the space is one of sanctity and security.  

For individual one-on-one programs see the Specials tab to the left
  • Already health conscious and not needing a whole plan?  No problem, $90 for single coaching sessions lasting one hour can help reset the skills you already know or use

Group Coaching 6-Month Program 
  • Six 75-minute group coaching sessions over six months
  • Six 50-minute group health and wellness tele class 
  • Two one-on-one laser coaching sessions for each participant
  • Provide starter packet via email to stay in line with our eco conscious efforts - which may, depending on assessment, include worksheets, informational sheets, recipes, grocery store tour date (for those local), DVD link, book link and/or cookbook link
  • Support during, and in-between, through email or phone during open hours (open hours established during first session)​
  • After completion of program - one time use of 50% off one online workshop hosted by Tiffany Bright
  • $450 per participant (*payment plan available, see if your company offers reimbursement or subsidizing as a health incentive)

Corporate "Healthy Steps" - Consulting option for businesses and corporations.  Bring healthy options into the workplace, and watch positive transformation of the individual AND increased productivity take place.  Call to schedule a meeting with a Certified Health Coach to get your business signed up for healthy steps.   ​Onsite Health Coaching Consulting prices vary depending on need, hours, and number of individuals signed up.  Discounts available for business's offering group health coaching or nutrition education.  

Food & Nutrition Workshops:​
  • General information with recipes and discussion
  • Mini Online Wellness Workshops $10 and up, depending on workshop length and information provided.  These will be completely online, and focus on one element (i.e., smoothie, juice, yoga, etc.). Everyone signing up will receive all material via email (links/attachments for recipes, short videos, short talks, etc.). You MUST pre-register, and have access to a computer.  The best part is that many of these can still be done even if you are on vacation!
  • On-Site Nutrition Workshops prices vary depending on meal menu​, location, public or private events.  Call to discuss.
  • Current on-line courses being offered = TBD

*Our food choices have positive or negative effects on our overall health.  With a proper education and implementation we can reduce, or reverse, various disease and illness (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, auto-immune disorders, reduce the chance of heart attack or stroke, some cancers, the list goes on and on).  In addition, the right foods can strengthen our immune system, promote clearer skin, increase energy and allow overall better health and quality of life.  

Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself to become healthier? I am here to support you, your Company, employees, family and friends in that journey.    Contact me today to get signed up!
GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE  FOR ALL SERVICES (Including Yoga Teacher Training) - Let your family and friends know Bright From The Heart Gift Certificates are on your wishlist!!
Reiki Services:

Reiki is an ancient healing method that utilizes the energy that surrounds all of us.  The practice of Reiki allows for wellness to occur on all levels of the body for balancing and healing to occur.  Reiki is gentle enough to be used on its own, as a preventative, or in conjunction with mainstream procedures and medicines, and often promotes quicker healing for those requiring procedures.  *Contact for availability and to be invoiced
 Reiki Appointments Available
  • Lunch Break Reiki Session or Children's Reiki Session: 30 minute Reiki Session - $27.50
  • Reiki Session: 60 minute Reiki Session - $55
  • Reiki Certification: See Workshop Tab for complete details and next certification - $175
  • 4 Session Reiki Pack (10% Discount): Four 60 minute Reiki Sessions - $198
  • 4 Session Lunch Break Reiki or Children's Reiki (10% Discount): Four 30 minute Reiki Sessions - $99
Children's Classes/Workshops
  • See Class Schedule tab for current list of classes/workshops and for registration
  • All classes are subject to cancellation if minimum number of students do not enroll
  • Snacks are often a part of the program so it is the guardian's responsibility to alert staff to any allergies prior to classes/workshops starting 
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We are also a school!  Join our next Certified Yoga Teacher Training.  For complete details, application and start date see the Teacher Training Tab.