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Teacher Training Program 2020 - Supporting The Self AND NonProfits
About the Program
The Bright From The Heart Yoga & Wellness Virtual Teacher Training program is an in depth 200-hour training program that is grounded in a holistic and experiential approach.  We also wanted to make an even bigger impact in the world, so we have always required every student to perform Seva Yoga (selfless service) hours to a nonprofit, and in addition decided our Certified Online Yoga Teacher Training Program would give 5% to organizations that make a difference in communities, and the world. If you have an organization you would like to support by offering this program to your members/supporters let us know and we can get that setup!  The more people, animals, and organizations we help the better!  This is a unique program founded in love that we are very proud of and hope to take it global to reach, support, and fundraise for as many nonprofits as possible.  

Our Yoga Teaching Training offers people an exploration into their own personal practice. YTT isn't just about yoga posture, it is so much more! It teaches how to apply yoga philosophy to every day life using The Yoga Sutras as guidance. Those completing the Virtual program receive a 200HR certificate, and if the she/he is interested in sharing yoga with others, will have the knowledge to do so.  

Requirements to join this Virtual program...

1. Access to internet/computer for content (Word viewing capabilities for PDF documents).

2. Viewing and audio capability for virtual classes (we use Freeconferencecall and Zoom (free account) for audio recording and/or for live group check-in calls).

3. By enrolling in this program you are agreeing that you have reviewed and accept all course details, refund policy, accountability, student termination discretion, investment policy, program end date and course material due date in order to qualify to receive physical certificate of completion (course material due dates given in binder welcome packet via online), and have completed and returned the applicaiton.  

4. By enrolling in this program, you acknowledge that a portion of student investment will be donated to a non profit through Bright From The Heart.  

If paying in full you will receive $75 discount

If choosing payment plan contact: to set up, all payments occur through PayPal.  

Although this program is online, it still requires the same amount of hard work that an in-person program requires.  While the program is in-depth for a reason, we realized that by allowing flexibility in the schedule through online instruction we were able to open the door to more people by creating access to a program many are interested, but just can't join because of in-person weekends that conflict with other obligations.  Through the virtual classroom students can move at their own pace throughout the program length, allowing more people to further their wellness journey.  

The program is open to all individuals who are interested in deepening their personal yoga practice, and while many take the course for their own knowledge, some students want to share their knowledge by teaching others.  This program will give each student the necessary education and background needed to share with others in a safe and confident manner.  

This is an amazing experience for everyone! Students learn so much through teacher instruction, guest teachers/leaders with expertise in specific areas (some examples may include - pregnant students, essential oils, and/or an Ayurvedic diet), participation in positive, life-changing, classes, and through involvement with a nonprofit of choice to practice Seva (Karma) Yoga (the act of selfless service).     

The following areas are covered:
Yoga History and Philosophy
Asana – Form, Benefits and Contraindications
Pranayama & Meditation 
Kriyas, Chanting, Mantra,
Practice Teaching
Various Teaching Styles
Qualities of a Teacher
Business Aspects of Teaching Yoga
Anatomy & Physiology
Physical and Subtle Bodies
Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers
Language and Voice
Class Sequencing
Practicum - which includes practice teaching, receiving feedback, observing others teaching and hearing/giving feedback. Additionally, the practicum can include assisting students while someone else is teaching.

We are happy to announce that by switching to a more budget friendly platform, Open Learning, and not including the FREE monthly yoga classes throughout the YTT program, we are able to pass the savings on to you, the student.  For this reason we are now able to offer the online YTT course at an even friendly price then we previously offered, while still being able to donate a portion to nonprofit and also still honor our time and energy ​that goes into creating such an in-depth learning proggram.  

Investment Options:

Virtual Program only = (*Currently $175 discount if enrolled before the end of the 2020 year, price below reflects discount)
  • If opting for payment plan a $125.00 non-refundable deposit must be paid to reserve your spot in the training, and then you will be billed monthly $125.00 for 6 consecutive months.  
  • Application and deposit of $125.00 must be received to be considered for the upcoming program.

Pay $125 deposit here -                    .  After review of application you will be invoiced via PayPal.   Registration for the next program closes Thursday, December 31st, 2020.  Module access is available as soon as application is processed and payment details agreed upon. 

Payment plans
After the $125 deposit, a 6 Month payment schedule is available for those who would like to pay on a monthly basis. Full payment of the course is required in order to receive actual certificate. 

*One local company has this program on their list of reimbursable school programs.  See if your company or business will do the same!  

The training costs include, but are not limited to:
Application processing fee
Testing processing fees
Material and shipping fees for welcome packet
Online module maintenance and instruction
Yogic food preparation and cooking classes via virtual demo
• Online Studio/Platform maintenance fees 
• Teacher(s) fee
A 200-hour certificate that is mailed for ALL graduates 

Required Materials (not included in your tuition)
The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali – Sri Swami Satchindanada
Living Your Yoga – Judith Lasater
Yoga Anatomy 2nd Edition – Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews
Chakra Workbook – Pauline Wills
The Complete Guide of Yin Yoga – Bernie Clark & Sarah Powers
Jivamukti Yoga, Practices for Liberating Body & Soul – Sharon Gannon & David Life
Yoga: The Iyengar Way – Silva, Mira & Shyam Mehta
The Power Of Breath - Swami Saradananda

Refund Policy
If for some reason your application is denied, your deposit will be returned in full. Due to time and materials put into this program the following policy regarding refunds is in place: a.) If the program has NOT begun, and you decide not to continue with the program, you forfeit your deposit, and are eligible for a refund on any other payments beyond the deposit. b.) If you decide not to complete the program once the program has begun, you forfeit the deposit and you will be billed for 50% of the total program cost ($875). c.) If you decide not to finish and we are half way through the time schedule via the online syllabus, you will be billed for the full amount of the program ($875).   

The Teacher Training Program requires attendance in at least 3 of the live call check-in sessions. Attendance is mandatory, all lessons, homework, posture worksheets, quizzes/tests must be completed/turned in by specified end date in online binder. Instances of an emergency will require approval from the lead instructor.  

Graduation Requirements For Certification
125 online class hours
Completion of yoga posture worksheets (67 required in all for this program)
Completion of Chakra workbook and Chakra worksheet
All reading assignments and other homework assignments per syllabus complete
Quizzes and essay’s complete 
• 65 Hours practice teaching, which require tracking through log sheets
2 Tests both of which may include written, essay, vocal and physical asana
*Practicum via live video or recorded 
Program paid in full

*Those not having met all requirements by their last lesson release will have an additional 3 months to turn in all course work in order to still be eligible for certification.

Program kicks off as soon as your application is processed and payment plan is established - We cannot wait to "meet" you, join us in a transformative journey!

Although this is virtual - tell friends and family about it, maybe they want to enroll too, and you can have a virtual study group with one another through FaceTime, Skype or Google - share the experience together!

Application - download, sign and return via mail or email *(and if creating a small private group, include the other members names). 

If you are a Sanctuary and are interested in hosting a Private Virtual Yoga Teacher Training Program accessible through your location only, contact us here -